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I'm pissed off because we've been taught to defeat ourselves. We've had a world created for us where we really do believe that we have to organize protests or amend the constitution or change the laws to be changing the world.

It's not a coincidence that this keeps us trapped in our feelings that we're not "doing enough." So we become defeated, saddened, convinced that the world cannot and will not change.

This is not a coincidence. By causing us to feel trapped by the very system that oppresses us, we stop acting. If we could really, truly recognize that we change the world in every action we take, we would have that much power behind the revolution that is happening in every day actions.

It's important that we see this - our day-to-day life IS as much activism as the March for Wymyn's Lives, as acts of civil disobedience, as lobbying to change laws. Raising children well, examining our consumption habits, speaking in the true voices of the disenfranchised, recognizing our intersections of privilege and oppression and SHUTTING THE HELL UP when we need to, not playing the "pain game," creating communities of support and love, coming out, being out, supporting people, cooking dinners ... it's all world-changing.

And it's world changing to see that. It's a revolutionary idea, this thought of activism as daily life. The best definition of activism I've ever heard (and who knows where I heard it) is this: "Activism is creating a world in our lives where every action is taken with conscious intent on making the world a better place."

The world HAS to change. It will change faster when we remember this.

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