Mary Xmas (maryxmas) wrote in feminism_ua,
Mary Xmas


утянуто отсюда.
babble: Feminazis:

"I am a feminazi
Least that is what they say
Because I believe in women's right
Like equal work needs equal pay

If I feel that dangers real while
While walking down the street
I'm unfairly demonizing men
That I have yet to meet.

My own experience of violence
Being neither here nor there
I should put that all behind me
Walk around without a care.

Of course should something happen
It will be my fault
Am I unaware that travelling alone
Can lead to sexual assault?

If as women we want to discuss the things we feel pertain
Most uniquely to us
We must weave through the tears and pain
Of the men that make a fuss.

Because you see there is nothing on earth
That we could say that has any worth
Unless we have a male perspective with which
To see our concerns are a source of mirth.

So feminazis one and all
We will speak our truth
We will support all our sisters
From the wisest crone to the youngest youth

Our stories are that which shape our lives
They've lead us to this day
And those stories can not be silenced
Nor our spirit borne away."
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