March 23rd, 2005


про перевод книги Гидденса

Вопросы философии, 2005, №2 с.187-189.
Критика и библиография.
Автор: Р. Г. АПРЕСЯН
Пер. с англ. В. Анурина. СПб.: Питер, 2004. 208 с.
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библиография отечественных женщин-писательниц

From: Diana Greene, diana.greene _at_
Date: March 21, 2005 1:44:15 PM EST

For everyone's information,
AWSS is presently updating Sibelan Forrester's translation registry/bibliography of works of Slavic and FSU women writers into English. The registry will be posted on the AWSS homepage, where hopefully it will be useful both for teachers wanting to know what works by these women writers are available in English translation, and also for translators of such works who want to know what has alreadybeen translated or is in the process of being translated.
I started the updating and so far have about 1,000 entries, mostly in Russian and Polish. Other AWSS members have agreed to contribute entries in other Slavic and non-Slavic languages. Until the updated registry is actually online I'll be happy to check what we have so far for anyone with a question about a given work. (There are no entries for Lialin dom or the full text of Kabiriia s Obvodnogo kanala.)
Also I'd love to hear about any such recently published translations and from anyone who is in the process of translating a work by a Slavic/FSU woman writer and would like it in the registry.

Diana Greene,
Slavic Studies Librarian,
Bobst Library, NYU
diana.greene _at_

Volunteers for Human Trafficking NPO

Our non-profit organisation is working to combat human trafficking. We provide various services to victims of trafficking such as temporary shelter, outreach, and the training of law enforcement and social service providers.

At the moment we need volunteers that can speak languages such as Thai, Tagalog, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Chinese. Our volunteers will help with translating victim outreach materials and staffing our victim hotline. We are flexible about the time you can devote to us - You can work like us all day everyday or you can do translation work over the internet.

Although our head office in the US is established, we are a relatively new in Japan, so any type of help would be extremely appreciated. Even some publicity or ideas of public awareness raising would be great since you are in the communications industry.

We hope that we can work together on this issue. If you want to know about us and our services please contact me or check our website.

April Lawrence, JCAT Fellow

Polaris Project
Japan Campaign Against Trafficking (JCAT)

P.O. Box 716
Tokyo Central Post Office Tokyo, Japan 100-8692
Fax: 03-3421-7599

Компания ИКЕА решила исправить ошибку, ущемляющую в правах женщин

Шведский мебельный гигант ИКЕА, имеющий более 200 магазинов в 32 странах, решил исправить ошибку, ущемляющую в правах женщин. Отныне изображение женщины-мастерицы, как сообщили сегодня здесь представители компании, наряду с мужским, займет почетное место в инструкциях по сборке мебели.


Характеристика гендера, с точки зрения филологов, относится к существительным. Они рассуждают о нем в контексте функционирования. Если они сомневаются в его значении, они могут шутить по его поводу, называя гендер "фиктивным полом"...