June 28th, 2005


советские женщины во время Второй Мировой

Kazimiera J. (Jean) Cottam was the keynote speaker at the San Diego Aerospace Museum on June 18, 2005. The address delt with the subject of Soviet airwomen in combat in World War II. This resentation was translated into Russian for the benefit of members of the Russian speaking audience who came to meet with the guests of honor, three Russian airwomen veterans. (There is a large colony of Russian immigrants in San Diego.)

People came from as far as New Zealand to the Museum, located in the attractive Balboa Park of San Diego. Jean Cottam's books on the subject, entitled _Women in Airwar_ and _Women in War and Resistance_, were sold along with books of other authors. In addition, she had a lengthy, pertinent interview with Hugh Munro Neely and Therese Pulte, Director and Producer respectively of Timeline Films of Culver City, California.

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