December 3rd, 2005


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Якщо не помиляюсь, Оксанна Забужко добре сказала про те що украінська жінка завжди від дискримінаціі потерпала двіччі: по-перше- як етничний украінець, і по-друге- як жінка...(

замечательная статья про пролайферов

A History of (Pro-Life) Violence

By Steve Almond, Posted December 1, 2005.

Not all anti-abortionists kill people. But all share a histrionic view of themselves as heroic rescuers aligned against Godless fornicators.

... "pro-lifers" are like the baby daddies of the spiritual world: full of promised love for the abstraction, and nowhere to be found when the kid shows up.

статья того же автора, трёхлетней давности

про мужика, который продаёт порно, чтобы на вырученные деньги помогать программам по планированию семьи в странах третьего мира.

Sex Aid: Porn to Save the Third World
By Steve Almond, Posted July 22, 2002.
Phil Harvey built a porn empire to save the Third World.

террористы во имя божье

отсюда. (Terroists for God!)

This test is meant to illustrate how our enemy can so often look just like us, only holier. Profile these assholes:
1. In June of 1964 three civil rights workers in Mississippi were gunned down and buried in a ditch that had been dug out earlier, specifically to rest their rotting corpses, by a group of
a. Muslim male extremists between the ages of 17 and 50
b. Christian male extremists between the ages of 17 and 50 (the man most recently tried in this case, Edgar Killen, was 38 and an ordained Baptist minister at the time that he conspired to murder the men)
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9. Proving there are always new ways to shake things up, pharmacists all over the country are now refusing women’s prescriptions for birth control and the morning-after pill. Some of these pharmacists are so adamant about forcing their morality upon others that they hold the prescription hostage and will not transfer it to a doctor willing to fill it. The pharmacists who are imposing restrictions on these women’s reproductive rights claim that their religious views do not allow them to fill such prescriptions. Who the fuck thinks they can do this?
a. Muslim male extremists between the ages of 17 and 50
b. Christian extremists between the ages of 17 and 50 (there have reportedly been cases of pharmacists who mistakenly believe that contraception is a form of abortion and refuse to dispense it to anyone, or who will only provide birth-control pills to a woman if she is married. Find a new job asshole!)