January 16th, 2010


зачем мучжины покупают секс

Why men use prostitutes
The reasons why many men pay for sex are revealed in the interviews that make up a major new piece of research
Julie Bindel
The Guardian, Friday 15 January 2010

цитаты: (опрашивали 103 мужчин в Британии, в рамках международного исследования -- 700 человек)
Many were husbands and boyfriends; just over half were either married or in a relationship with a woman.

Research published in 2005 found that the numbers of men who pay for sex had doubled in a decade.

Despite finding their experiences "unfulfilling, empty, terrible", they continued to visit prostitutes.

most of them told the researchers that they would be easily deterred if the current laws were implemented. Fines, public exposure, employers being informed, being issued with an Asbo or the risk of a criminal record would stop most of the men from continuing to pay for sex.

More than half admitted that they either knew or believed that a majority of women in prostitution were lured, tricked or trafficked.

many believed men would "need" to rape if they could not pay for sex on demand.

Lots of men go to prostitutes so they can do things to them that real women would not put up with.

взяла вот отсюда, из сообщества wtf_sexism.