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The Woman Behind Arnold's Defeat
By Kathleen Sharp, Pacific News Service. Posted November 10, 2005.
Forget groping -- Schwarzenegger's biggest 'woman problem' is the head of California's nurses union, who led a successful movement to defeat his special election initiatives.

про то, как медсёстры запороли Шварцу избирательную инициативу.

Commander in Chic
By Jennifer L. Pozner, Posted November 10, 2005.
Women audacious enough to seek political power are routinely dogged by gender-specific coverage that focuses on their looks, fashion sense and familial relationships.

What To Take From the Flood
By Kristin Van Tassel, AlterNet. Posted November 10, 2005.
Hurricane Katrina and other recent natural disasters remind us that our technology cannot always save us -- but our neighbors just might.

подборка статей про ураган Катрину.
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