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Call for papers: a special issue of the Journal of LGBT Health Research

T he Journal of LGBT Health Research, an interdisciplinary quarterly of community and clinical practice, provides an innovative forum for LGBT health issues and highlights the best of social-, psychobehavioral- and biologically-based public health research and health services access/utilization evaluation - Seth L. Welles , Editor in Chief.
Jeffrey V. Lazarus and Srdan Matic of the World Health Organization will be guest editing a special issue of the Journal of LGBT Health Research for publication in the autumn of 2009. The issue will focus on MSM and HIV epidemiology, literacy, access to prevention, treatment and care, and psychosocial factors associated with heightened HIV risk in the 53 countries of the WHO European Region, with a focus on eastern Europe and central Asia. In particular, we are interested in research papers, reviews and debate pieces that:
  • report on excellence and innovation in practice or the provision of services developed through unusual policy routes;
  • review access barriers such as criminalisation of homosexuality (official or de facto ), the criminalisation of infection transmission, including travel restrictions for people living with HIV and other discriminatory legislation;
  • review interventions that can reduce access barriers, such as those listed above;
  • analyse focused policies and interventions targeting MSM who also belong to another vulnerable group, e.g. injecting drug users, migrants or sex workers;
  • address aspects of prevention which have faced institutional resistance in some countries, such as condom provision and promotion;
  • study HIV and opportunistic infections, in particular TB, or coinfections such as hepatitis B and C, in MSM populations;
  • report on surveillance, estimations or epidemiological aspects of HIV/AIDS and MSM.
Articles should be under 5000 words and will need to be submitted to the journal by 15 December 2008 . However, please note that all papers will undergo a peer review process and there is no guarantee that submitted or commissioned papers will be published. Comments on papers will be returned to you, by March 2009. Final articles will need to be submitted by the end of May 2009 . Authors should follow the journal's submission guidelines at: http://www.haworthpress.com . Note that references must follow the Harvard system (author last name, year in body text).
If you are considering submitting a paper, or if you would like to discuss your planned contribution before submission, please do contact us on: jla@euro.who.int .
Jeff Lazarus and Srdan Matic - May 2008
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