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книжка про проданных в секс-рабство славянок

взято отсюда

The Natashas - The New Global Sex Trade by Victor Malarek has broken into the international market.

Over the past two weeks, Victor Malarek's agent - Westwood Creative Artists in Toronto- has landed two international publishing deals.
The Natashas, published by Viking Press - a division of Penguin Books Canada - was in second printing within two weeks of its release in Canada due to the incredible interest in the book.
Arcade Publishing, headquartered in New York City, has purchased the US rights and will be publishing the US edition for distribution this fall. Arcade is renowned as publishers of quality American and world literature and non-fiction.
Vision Books in London, England has set its UK publication date for this June. The book, which has received wide-spread critical acclaim in the Canadian news media, will be distributed by Vision to bookstores in Britain, Ireland, Australia and India. In accepting the book, Charlotte Cole, commissioning editor of Vision Books, said: "We are very proud to be publishing The Natashas, which is a disturbing and very important book."

Mr. Malarek, author of four previous books, said he is ecstatic over the news. "The Natashas was a very difficult book to write. But this tragic story had to be told. The trafficking of women and girls is a global human rights crisis and with that foremost in my thoughts, I wrote the book with an international audience in mind. I'm so pleased that it is about to get recognition around the world."

Mr. Malarek also said that he is overwhelmed at the positive response by the Ukrainian community - both in Canada and the US - on The Natashas. "Several groups and individuals in Canada and the US are moving with urgency to get this issue on the public agenda nationally and worldwide. I'm particularly moved by the work of Help Us Help Children - Anti-Trafficking Initiative, which is a project of the Canadian Children of Chornobyl Fund."

Photo taken by A. Zalucky at Help Us Help The Children Winter Camp in the Karpaty, Jan.2004, where HUHTC (Children of Chornobyl Canadian Fund)-Anti-Trafficking Initiative (HUHTC-ATI) arranged for Winrock International to hold trafficking awareness and prevention seminars with this vulnerable age group. Our aim is to prepare the orphan teens, soon to be leaving the internaty, with an arsenal of infomation (and international hotline help numbers) to protect themselves from being lured into the growing human trafficking trade. We are also continuing and setting up new programs aimed at health promotion, self-empowerment , life skills training, and co-op job placements , hoping that this will give the teens not eligible for university scholarships, a better chance of surviving in the world outside of the internaty doors. (Preliminary contact has been made with Canada Business Council in Kyiv, however any assistance or guidance from our vast network of Ukr. Can.Business and Professional Associations would be ideal!)
Help Us Help the Children for the past decade has been providing both medical and educational assistance to orphans in Ukrainian. In response to the alarming information raised in The Natashas on the trafficking of girls directly out of orphanages, Help Us Help the Children has recently expanded its scope of activities to include the promotion of trafficking awareness within the orphanages and is seeking out viable job opportunities for orphans leaving the institutions. Mr. Malarek generously donated proceeds from the Toronto book launch of The Natashas to establish a seed fund for the activities of HUHTC Anti-Trafficking Initiative. A CIDA project proposal, incorporating these goals as well as health promotion in orphanages, is also being developed.(contact HUHTC at
The HUHTC Anti-trafficking Initiative is part of a larger national coalition "Stop The Trafficking" which is coordinating activities of Canadian Ukrainian organizations and individuals, working together to end this current and growing human rights abuse. The national coalition includes representatives from Help us Help the Children Anti-Trafficking Initiative (a project of Canadian Children of Chornobyl Fund), Ukrainian Canadian Congress Committee for Justice, Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Associaton , Ukrainian Canadian Immigrant Aid, Ukrainian Canadian Social Services, World Federation of Ukrainian Women's Organizations . Numerous motivated individuals also form part of the group.
(contact at
"I'm particularly impressed that both groups have made incredible strides in liaisoning and co-ordinating events with organizations outside the Ukrainian community," commented Mr. Malarek.
Some of the many contacts initiated by the coalition and Help Us Help the Children ATI, include the RCMP, Victims Assist Program with Metropolitan Toronto Police, Canada Ethno-Cultural Council, the White Ribbon Campaign to end men's violence against women, Canada Business Council in Ukraine, the International Federation of University Women, B.C Liberal Women's Commission, and Winrock International, which held anti-trafficking awareness educational sessions at the recent Help Us Help the Children winter camp in Ukraine.
"I know that this is a monumental task and at times can seem daunting but every effort will go a long way to stopping the wholesale rape of our sisters and daughters," Mr. Malarek said.
In addition to scores of television and radio appearances, Mr. Malarek is spreading his important message through numerous speaking engagements including a special event on March 4, 2004 in Ottawa for federal Members of Parliament; keynote speaker at a symposium on Trafficking in Women- to lecture at the University of Ottawa on March 5 - after which his talk will be followed by a panel of three scholars from Political Science, Criminology and Women's Studies; keynote speaker at the 11th Annual J. Rudnyckyj Distinguished Lecture Series at the University of Manitoba on Sunday, May 30, 2004. Mr. Malarek has also accepted an invitation from the Ukrainian Canadian Congress - Alberta Provincial Council - as the keynote speaker at its Building The Future Conference in Edmonton on April 23-24.
The Ukrainian community is grateful to Mr. Malarek for bringing this horrific issue onto the public agenda. We know the hard work he has put into this book and the courage he has shown by going into several dangerous situations to get the story. Now it is our turn to mobilize ourselves, share our ideas and successes, and work together to stop the trafficking of innocent women and children.
Irena Soltys
Help Us HelpThe Children (CCCF) Anti-Trafficking Initiative
Stop The Trafficking coalition
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