Mary Xmas (maryxmas) wrote in feminism_ua,
Mary Xmas

2013 Calendar: Notable Ukrainian Women

Cost: $10.00
This vibrant calendar features the legacies of Ukrainian women throughout the ages -- colorful pysanky, embroidery, portraits, biographies, and artwork. It includes major US and Ukrainian holidays, in Julian and contemporary calendars, plus lunar cycles, and would make a lovely Christmas gift.
Who was Marina Mazepa? Lesya Ukrainka? Who is Yulia Tymoshenko? Find out about their lives, their challenges, and their enduring accomplishments and help support students in Ukraine.
Created and produced by members of Branch 50 (Ann Arbor, Michigan) of the Ukrainian National Women’s League of America (UNWLA), a nonprofit organization. All proceeds from this calendar will go towards a scholarship program, which sponsors students in Ukraine, the United States, and around the world.
Direct any questions or comments about the calendar to Oksana Malanchuk at or call Oksana Posa at 734-358-2201.
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